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What is a life-size erotic doll?

Life-size love dolls are love dolls that are made in a size similar to human height and body shape. Generally, there are female and male types, and many of them are large, with a height of 150 cm or more and a weight of 30 kg or more, which is almost the same size as a flesh-and-blood human being.

Because of their realistic appearance, texture, and weight, life-size erotic dolls are appreciated by some patrons as feeling as if they are having sex with a real person. They are also used not only for masturbation by a single person, but also for various types of play, such as group sex with several people.

In recent years, a number of adult videos, novels, and manga featuring sex with life-size love dolls have been published, and love doll culture is spreading. In particular, many people overseas love love dolls, and many Japanese products that are produced as high-quality love dolls are exported.

However, the disadvantages of life-size erotic dolls are that their size and weight make them difficult to store and move, and their price is high. They are also difficult to care for and store after use, requiring attention to hygiene.

On the other hand, recently, in order to pursue a more realistic sensation, some models are equipped with internal functions such as vibration, temperature control, and voice functions. By utilizing these functions, more pleasant sensations can be obtained.

As described above, life-size Sex Dolls can be said to be the pinnacle of Sex Dolls for those who seek a more realistic experience. Before purchasing, however, it is important to understand how to use, care for, and store them to ensure a healthy and safe sex life.

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