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Types and characteristics of Sex Dolls

Love dolls have various characteristics depending on their types. Here we introduce typical types of love dolls and their respective characteristics.

1、Silicon love dolls
Silicon love dolls are of high quality and have a tactile feel similar to realistic human skin. In addition, silicone material is strong and durable. Therefore, they can withstand long-term use. However, its higher price and difficulty in handling due to its weight are disadvantages.

2、TPE love dolls
TPE love dolls are less expensive and lighter than those made of silicone. They are also made of a soft material, which allows them to feel close to realistic human skin. However, the disadvantage is that it is less strong than silicone material and easily scratched.

3、Full-body type
Full-body type love dolls are full-body reproductions, featuring realistic body shape and facial features. Both male and female types are available, and the genitals of each are also reproduced. Along with the realistic feel of the dolls, they also provide a sense of realism, making the sex experience even more realistic.

4、Torso love doll

Torso love dolls are characterized by their simple design, with only the upper body and no genital part. As a result, they are relatively inexpensive and can be easily purchased. Another advantage is that they are light in weight, making them easy to handle.

5、Bust type
Bust type love dolls are reproductions of only the breast part and do not have genital parts. Therefore, they are inexpensive and easy to handle. In addition, since the bust part is voluptuous, this type is recommended for those with a breast fetish.

As described above, there are various types of love dolls, each with its own characteristics. You can select an appropriate love doll according to your own preferences and usage.

There are also two types of Sex Dolls: male Sex Dolls and female Sex Dolls. Male Sex Dolls can be made in the shape of a woman or differently colored like cartoon characters. On the other hand, female Sex Dolls are made in the shape of a man or equipped with a vibrator.

Furthermore, in recent years, Sex Dolls with AI technology have also been introduced. These Sex Dolls are equipped with voice recognition and self-learning functions, enabling more realistic communication.

On the other hand, there are some points that require attention when using Sex Dolls. For example, they need to be kept clean after use and must be cleaned in an appropriate manner. Also, depending on the material, oil and pigment may be transferred, so care must be taken.

As described above, Sex Dolls come in a wide variety of types and characteristics. Although care must be taken when using them, choosing the right Sex Doll for you may help you have a more fulfilling sex life.

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