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The Disadvantages of Buying a Used Love Doll

Used love dolls are in high demand because they are relatively inexpensive. However, used love dolls have several disadvantages. The following explains the purchase of used love dolls.

1, Conditions may be poorer than expected.

When purchasing a used love doll, the condition of the doll may be worse than expected in terms of scratches and dirt, since the condition of use and management is unknown. This may result in poor use or damage to the eidol itself.

2、The problem of disinfection of the love dolls

When purchasing a used love doll, there may be a problem with disinfection of the livingware. For example, masturbators and other sanitizers must be disinfected after each use. However, in the case of used love dolls, disinfection may not be sufficient, which may cause health problems.

3、They cannot be customized to your liking.

When purchasing a used love doll, it may not be possible to customize the doll to the user’s preferences. For example, if you want to make a love doll that you like in terms of height, body shape, hair style, etc., you cannot freely customize a used love doll, so you may end up buying an EiMi that does not suit you.

4、No repair or return guarantee

If you buy a used love doll, there may be no repair or return guarantee in case the doll is damaged while you are using it. This means that you will need to repair the doll yourself after purchase, which may require you to do so if you are not capable of repairing it or may cost you money to repair it.

The above is an explanation of the disadvantages of purchasing a used love doll.

Used love dolls are attractive because they are inexpensive, but you need to be careful about the points mentioned above. If you want to purchase a new real doll, it is recommended that you obtain one from the manufacturer or an online store. New love dolls are guaranteed to be of good quality and feel good.

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