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About Sex Doll Makeup

Love dolls can be made to look more realistic by applying realistic makeup. However, if your love doll is made of silicone, you need to be careful about the cosmetics you use. In this issue, we will explain how to apply makeup to love dolls.

1. How to choose cosmetics.

Since many Sex Dolls are made of silicone material, oil-based cosmetics cannot be used. Alcohol-based cosmetics should also not be used. These cosmetics may degrade the silicone material and may damage the Sex Doll if used. Instead, use water-based cosmetics.

2, How to apply cosmetics.

First, start with base makeup. Like human skin, Sex Doll skin is shiny and uneven. Therefore, use a sponge or similar tool to apply the makeup so that it covers the skin evenly.

3. Apply eye makeup.

When applying eye shadow to the eyelids, apply lightly with a brush. When applying eyeliner, draw it gently so as not to damage the area around the eyes of the Sex Doll.

4. Apply lipstick.

When applying lipstick, apply lightly with your fingers. Also, lightly wipe off the lipstick around the mouth.

These are the makeup methods for Sex Dolls. Please enjoy a more realistic Sex Doll by paying attention to the selection and application of cosmetics.

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